What is a study Tour?:

A study tour is an opportunity for a team, group or business unit to experience the places and spaces around them in a new and fresh way. Whether you are a team of experienced riders or have not been on a bike in years your team will gain new insights and perspectives about the value that biking can bring to a community. Our tours include a mix of hands on, experiential learning on a bike and on foot as well as an active mobility focused workshop. Facilitated, informed discussion is woven throughout the tour and is designed to deliver on the stated outcomes. Study tours can range from a 1 day to 4 day experience. We customize an experience that will achieve the outcomes that you desire.

GOAL: Team growth and development

Ride our trails and paths, interact with municipal leaders, and learn from local partners how Northwest Arkansas (NWA) became known as a cycling destination.


Study tours are scheduled to correspond with availability of each individual group, team or business unit.


Bentonville, AR will be our base of operations although many groups explore multiple cities across the Northwest Arkansas region. We will customize a tour based on the size of your team, budget and availability.


Community developers/Real Estate developers/Parks and Recreation staff/Bicycle Advocates/School administrators/Landscape architects/Civil engineers/Trail coordinators/Anyone else interested in increasing their understanding of how to execute and implement bike infrastructure and related culture.


What does a Study Tour Cost?

Much like the schedule the budget for a study tour depends on the types of learning that a team would like to experience. Our team typically handles meals, bike rentals, ground transportation and all logistics. Your team shows up and we take it from there and curate a world class experience on a bike. Let’s discuss options and customize a tour to fit your needs and budget.

What topics will be covered in the Study tour?

a. How trails and biking catalyze and contribute to a community's economy.

b. The role that active mobility plays in placemaking.

c. Designing spaces and places for people on foot or on bikes.

d. The role of intentional design of infrastructure in developing a strong bicycle culture.

e. How Investments in active mobility facilitate equity.


What are the expected outcomes of a Study tour?

1. Participants will gain new skills and confidence on a bike.

2. Increased knowledge of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and how infrastructure and design play an essential role.

3. Develop empathy for people on bikes and how to accommodate and further promote a strong bicycle culture.

4. Increased knowledge of the economic and social benefits of bicycles and walkability.

5. Develop deeper connections and relationships among participants.


Why PArticipate in a study tour?

Learn: Participants will gain a deeper understanding and sensitivity to bikes and bike culture. Study tours also help participants develop empathy for people who choose to utilize bikes as a primary form of transportation.

Ride: Your team will experience the region in a new and fresh way as you encounter places as a person on a bike.

Connect: Form deeper connections with your team as you engage in possibly a new and active experience together.