Razorback Regional Greenway-"Bridge to the Future"- Rogers, Ar

Razorback Regional Greenway-"Bridge to the Future"- Rogers, Ar

LaneShift Experiences

NWA Workshop

There's nothing better than having been there and having done that. Experiencing a community that has fully embraced greenways and other paved and natural surface trails answers a lot of questions and clarifies the vision of how to bring a similar system to your community. 

You are invited to Northwest Arkansas. Located in the Ozark mountains, Northwest Arkansas has an active greenway system that connects the four pillar communities of the area, Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville. These communities worked together with along with local large corporations and businesses to build the Razorback Regional Greenway.  The greenway was built with a number of funding sources ranging from federal grants to private donations from foundations and private citizens.


The LaneShift Come-And-See is a 3-day experience where team members:

  • Tour the Razorback Regional Greenway.
  • Meet with local official and stakeholders who built the greenway.
  • Tour other nearby trail attractions.
  • Brainstorm and start or continue the greenway/trail system planning for your community.

Experience Share

LaneShift will meet with your team in-person or virtually to get the conversation started. The first step in creating a strategy for trails in your community is a conversation about what's possible and what to expect.

Ask questions. Start the dreaming process. This is the necessary first-step to building a vibrant, active greenway system in your community.

Elements of a Trail Strategy


Moving a community from minimal bike lanes to a comprehensive greenway system is a complex process. There are pitfalls and roadblocks that must be anticipated and addressed.

Paved Trails

Paved trails are an excellent way to build a bicycle culture in your community. These are purpose-built concrete or asphalt trails that are designed to be multi purpose (cyclists, runners and walkers).


There’s a growing desire in your community to make biking a safe, viable option for commuting and traveling around town. We’ll help you analyze existing infrastructure to design safer bike lanes. 

Natural Surface

Natural surface trails mold the existing characteristics of a location into a trail system that takes advantage of the local terrain. Take unused park areas and green spaces in your community and transform them into fun, inviting areas for family adventures. Build trails that delight mountain bikers from beginner to expert.