Co-creating Solutions

Laneshift and cities

Moving a project from idea to implementation can be challenging.  We have extensive experience collaborating with staff and leadership within cities and we can help you know where to begin and guide you through the process.

  1. Advice and guidance on how to begin and successfully deploy municipal investments focused on alternative forms of mobility.
  2. Step by step coaching in the development of a specific project plan and scope.
  3. Collaboration in preparation for committee or Council approval. 
  4. Identification of potential funding partners. Once partners are identified we can also assist in the application process.


LaneShift and Foundations

We can help your Foundation develop an investment strategy for increasing mobility then walk along side of you as begin to make actual investments.

Specifically we can help your foundation in the following ways;

  1. Learn effective ways to interact and provide guidance to grantees to maximize impact.
  2. Guidance related to reducing or eliminating liability within a particular project. 
  3. Co-creation of an investment strategy complete with strategy purpose, definition of investments as well as key measurables.
  4. Development of an evaluation plan to help you track and measure grantee progress. e.g.; Surveys, user-counts and  timelines for completion.
  5. Collaboration in the development of unique and innovative funding structures to maximize impact and grantee involvement.


LaneShift and Developers

Developers are searching for ways to differentiate their projects from others. The inclusion of active amenities and the strategic design of the site can create safer and easier mobility for residents, customers or tenants. Active amenities such as bike rooms, bike lockers, showers and lockers also help eliminate obstacles to an active lifestyle and drives resident retention and new tenant attraction.

Specifically LaneShift can help you in the following ways;

  1. Design and layout of adequate bike storage.
  2. Development of a property specific circulation plan that eases cyclists and pedestrians navigation in and through facility.
  3. Coaching on types of active amenities that will increase retention and improve resident quality of life.
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