Experiential learning

Active Mobility Academy

Come spend 3 days in the Ozarks with LaneShift and partners.

Ride the trails, interact with municipal leaders, and learn from local partners how Northwest Arkansas (NWA) became known as a cycling destination.

What you will learn in the academy:

The active mobility academy is a 3 day course in NWA where you will have a hands on learning experience about the development of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

  • How trails and bicycle infrastructure catalyze economic development
  • Effective master planning processes
  • Moving from a master plan to implementation
  • Programming that complements and reinforces infrastructure investment
  • Gaining municipal and stakeholder approval
  • Acquiring funding for trails and cycling infrastructure
  • Design standards(Paved and Natural surface trails)
  • Paved trail maintenance
  • Cycling programming and education
  • Construction techniques and types of contracts

Sample Agenda: Coming Soon


The Growing Power of the Bicycle - A Guided Study tour exploring the benefits that bicycles bring to a community 

A study tour is an opportunity for participants to experience the places and spaces around them in a new and fresh way.  Whether you are an experienced rider or have not been on a bike in years you will gain new insights and perspectives about the value that biking can bring to a community. The tour will include a mix of hands on, experiential learning on a bike and on foot as well as an active mobility focused workshop.  Facilitated, informed discussion is woven throughout the tour and is designed to deliver on the stated outcomes. 

Contact us to schedule a tour.