What is Build School?

Build School is a 4 day, on-site, immersive experience designed to accelerate your learning about successfully executing and implementing bicycle infrastructure and culture.

What is The Scholarship?

The Northwest Arkansas Chapter of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) has partnered with Laneshift to award a full individual scholarship (a $1,900 value) to participate in the Laneshift Build School on September 9-12, 2019 in Bentonville, AR. This scholarship is designed to equip the scholarship recipient with an increased knowledge of Active Mobility, Bike Infrastructure, and Culture. Our 2019 focus is on individuals residing in the Northwest Arkansas community. 

The scholarship targets ethnically diverse and/or female professionals under age 35 currently working in either of these sectors: Urban Planning, Transportation, Active Mobility, Real Estate Development, Community Development, Economic Development, and Land Planning. In addition to the scholarship to participate in Build School, the recipient will also receive a complimentary annual Associate Membership to ULI (a $220 value).

To be eligible for this scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be a professional working in one of the following the field(s); 

  • Real Estate Development

  • Urban Planning 

  • Land Planning

  • Transportation

  • Community Development

  • Economic Development, and/or a related field. 

    Note: Applicants may also work closely with organizations, or community groups focused on addressing these needs within underserved areas or populations. 

  • An ethnic minority or a person of color

  • Between the ages of 18-35

  • A resident of Northwest Arkansas

  • Female applicants are strongly encouraged to apply

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Provide skills in establishing and expanding a culture of bikes within a local community.

Activities will include: 

  • Riding the Northwest Arkansas trails and paths

  • Engagement with local leaders

  • Gaining perspective from local stakeholders When is Build school:

When is Build School?

Monday September 9th, 2019 - Thursday September 12th, 2019

Where will Build School be held:

Bentonville, AR will be our base of operations although we will be exploring multiple cities across the Northwest Arkansas region.

Who should participate:

Community Developers/Real Estate Developers/Parks and Recreation Staff/Bicycle Advocates/School Administrators/Landscape Architects/Civil Engineers/Trail Coordinators/Anyone else interested in increasing their understanding of how to execute and implement bike infrastructure and related culture.

Razorback Regional Greenway- Fayetteville, AR / Photo Courtesy : Novo Studio

Razorback Regional Greenway- Fayetteville, AR / Photo Courtesy : Novo Studio

What will I LEarn in Build school?

  • How trails and bicycle infrastructure catalyze economic development

  • Effective master planning processes

  • Moving from a master plan to implementation

  • Gaining municipal and stakeholder approval

  • Acquiring funding for trails and bike infrastructure

  • Design standards (paved and natural surface trails)

  • Paved trail maintenance

  • Construction techniques

  • Tips and techniques for the successful implementation of pilot projects

  • Navigating highly politicized environments

*What is the agenda for Build School?

Day 1- Overview and program orientation

10am - Welcome and program overview

12pm- Facilitated ride in DT Bentonville

3pm- Q&A discussions with trail advocates and placemakers

7pm- Dinner

Day 2-integration of natural and paved trails

8am- Exploring city on Bike- Facilitated discussion along the way

10am- On site tour of bike centric multi-family development

2pm- Meet with City administration of Bella Vista

4:30pm- Panel discussion- Navigating political environemnts

7:30pm- Dinner and further discussion

Day 3-On street infrastructure and open space

8am- Depart for Fayetteville- Facilitated ride and meet with mobility stakeholders

12pm-Tour and discussion- Mt. Kessler

3pm- Tour in DT Springdale- Meet with local stakeholders

Pilot projects, biking as an economic catalyst

4pm- Discussion with small business and developers

7:30pm- Dinner DT Bentonville

Day 4-Activating places with bikes

8am- Depart for Rogers

8:30am- Facilitated ride and discussion- Shared use paved trails.

10:30am- Tour and discussion of Lake Atalanta, Railyard and DT Rogers

12pm- Lunch

2:30pm- Adjourn (depart for airport or home)

*Draft agenda(Schedule subject to change. Detailed agenda will be provided ahead of event)


Our base of operations will be in Downtown Bentonville, AR. This vibrant town is located the NW corner of Arkansas and has quickly grown to become a destination both for the sense of place that it promotes but also for biking. Like several other traditional downtown/historic areas in Northwest Arkansas(NWA) Bentonville has become a hub of sorts to access nightlife, arts and culture as well as natural surface and paved trails. Bentonville’s thriving culinary scene has an eclectic mix of traditional ozark fare as well as a flair for international favorites such as Nuevo Latino and Italian.

Bentonville is the home base for Oz Trails, a collection of world class trails across the NWA region . NWA is home to over 200 miles(and growing) of natural surface trails connected by shared use paved paths and other on street infrastructure. While our focus will be primarily focused on the hard surface and on street portions of developing a Bike Town you will surely want to sample some of this sweet single track while in town.

Check out this great resource on all things NWA:


Topics covered in build school

Bike Town Master class .png

Build School Scholarship application:

All scholarship applicants must complete and submit the application by 8/2/2019. A committee made up of Laneshift and ULI staff, as well as an at-large community member will review and select the final scholarship recipient. Notification for scholarship award will be made by 8/9/2019.

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In an effort to identify diverse applicants please answer the following voluntary question pertaining to your sex.
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